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Born in 1985, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Shahriar came to New Zealand at the age of four. He is the son of a Persian father and Filipino mother whose relatives were executed in Iran in the 1980’s for their belief in the Bahá’í faith. His artwork marries contemporary art and the internet to examine issues of global social and human injustices, particularly the Declaration of Human Rights. Themes of persecution and resistance are recurrent in his practice.

Shahriar explores what can be achieved through the gesture of protest, combining contemporary mediums of practice and how they can influence the overall outcome. These were done through photography, sculpture, video, installation, sound, internet social networking websites and communication technology (e-mail and text messaging). To this date Shahriar has involved thousands of participants from around the world in his artworks. He says...

“I have always been interested in the power of technology, particularly the internet, in opening broad avenues of interaction among the world’s diverse populations. Artists are now able to use global communication as a medium to express the arts. They have the opportunity to utilise and tap into popular culture phenomena such as online social programmes and reach out to new audiences and like-minded people through cyber space. I want to engage those who have been previously unexposed to what contemporary art can achieve socially and expand beyond the confines of a traditional art gallery setting”.